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Surveillance Valley

Surveillance Valley

Author: Yasha Levine

Pages: 369

Year: 2018

My Rating: ★★★★★

Surveillance Valley


February 24, 2018

Chapter 2 Command, Control, and Counterinsurgency

Until the military–social science complex is eliminated, social scientists will aid the enslavement, rather than the liberation, of mankind.”68 What exactly were the students protesting? The ARPANET.

Chilean academics who were invited to participate in Project Camelot blew the whistle on its military intelligence ties and accused the United States of trying to build a computer-assisted coup machine.

A few brave contractors stayed behind to protect ARPA’s computers from the angry mob,90 telling protesters that computers were “politically neutral.”91 But are they?

February 24, 2018

Chapter 3 Spying on Americans

Then in 1968, agents were ordered to report on the Poor People’s March on Washington—and to pay particular attention to the mules’ buttocks.

Rather it will specialize in files devoted exclusively to the descriptions of the lawful political activity of civilians.”

An untested, impersonal, and erroneous computer entry such as “associates with known criminals” has marked him, and he is helpless to rectify the situation. Indeed, it is likely that he would not even be aware that the entry existed.

February 28, 2018

Chapter 5 Surveillance Inc.

It also built a platform to combat online terrorist recruitment and radicalization, which worked by identifying Google users interested in Islamic extremist topics and diverting them to State Department webpages and videos developed to dissuade people from taking that path.146 Google calls this the “Redirect Method,” a part of Cohen’s larger idea of using Internet platforms to wage “digital counterinsurgency.”

March 2, 2018

Chapter 7 Internet Privacy, Funded by Spies

In a word, the NSA saw Tor as a honeypot