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Good Calories, Bad Calories

Good Calories, Bad Calories

Author: Gary Taubes

Pages: 601

Year: 2007

My Rating: ★

I am leaving my originsl review of this book here (below) but ten years later and I have completely, utterly changed my mind. This book is generally bullshit.

Taubes makes critical errors throughout. The voluminous footnotes gives the appearance of a thorough researcher, but given that he generally misinterprets, slants and selectively quotes them all, the volume only serves to mask his bias. His foundation is equally problematic. Here is a very thorough recap

The current science shows that the makeup of the diet doesn't really matter. In other words, in the end, it really is just Calories In/Calories Out.

    • *NOTE: This review (below) is old and completely wrong. I leave it here as a reminder of how easy it is for authors to mislead

Still in the first part of this book, but so far it is a thorough overview of the history of medical research into diet. It has almost completely shattered my view of the state of government-funded research in America. It is disturbing to discover that everything you have heard about healthy eating your whole life might be totally wrong.